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Mark has something to say about himself

Posted on July 6, 2013 at 4:55 PM

To my bandmates i have one message: i may be a bit of a coca-cola addict, but at least my face doesn't go pale white with dread when the man at Steers says they have no coffee. So back off :-)

Gig day! We had another, shorter drive today to get into Pretoria, followed by a brief rest before heading off to Asbos Teater. I gotta say, it's a great venue. Small and intimate, very well set up, amd it just feels right.

But first, Pretoria. Have you been to Pretoria? Maybe you live there? Well, if you have never seen it, here's the big thing I learnt today: it's BIG. Everything is so big. The roads, the malls, the churches...it dwarfs Cape Town. It's probably the closest SA get to being American. Sometime over the next few days we will have a chance to explore, which I am looking forward to. I'll report more then.

So, the gig. We shared the stage with The Forester, a local Gauteng band. It was truly a pleasure. Their vibe, feel, humour and obvious love for what they do was fantastic. Do yourself a favour and go and check them out. They have some free music on Soundcloud.

And we had a blast. Not a perfect set (Misplaced intro guys - what the freak?), but the energy was just there. And i have to thank our audience too! You guys were awesome. We could not have asked for a better start to our shows for this tour. And thanks for the encores! 

Photo's? I wish i had plenty. Unfortunately we are not the type of band (yet) who can hire an army of crewmembers (or slaves, as The Forester put it) to handle support roles while we play. But we did get a small few of the set, and other people did take photos. So if we can get them we will share. Watch our website and Facebook.

Getting a gig under the belt has gone a long way to calm the nerves, at least for me. I am looking forward to the rest. I just hope I get a good night's rest under the belt tonight. Last night was a bit rough for me. Could it be because I shared a room with Gareth? Who knows...

Stay safe, and check back tomorrow for our double bill BLOG - 2 gigs in one day!

Also, Mark would like you to know he is a sexy beast. Now you know.

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