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Posted on July 7, 2013 at 4:30 PM

Something you need to know about our band and our ethos (if you do not already know it):

At the heart of what we do is still our Christian roots. We are all Christians within this band, and that belief system influences everything we do, including our music. But we are not what I would call a 'Christian band'. To me, a Christian band is a band that writes worship songs that sings easily in church or plays comfortably in your car system. Some of our songs are like that, but it is only part of our overall sound and mission.

Gareth calls us 'Contemporary Christian Band', which is as good a title as any. I explain it like this. Because we are Christians, everything we write is written from a Christian worldview. That means that not all the songs will be 'worship' songs or even talk about Christianity, but they are all influenced by Christianity, whether it is talking about Faith, relationships or bananas.

This gives us two pools of songs: one that is written as overtly Christian, and sit well within churches and Chrsitian venues; another that talks about the world we live in and sits well in pretty much any venue. That is our mission as a band. We want to take our message and words anywhere we can. This is how we believe we can do it.

Today we had two oppurtunities to play the the first pool, something we do not often have. We had the privelage of leading worship and playing some songs at two Christ Church venues; Midrand and Blairgowrie. It is a great oppurtunity to almost return home in a sense; to play and sing worship songs with other people who share our beliefs.

We had an amazing time and feel super blessed, and we are so grateful for the support given so kindly by both churhes and their congregations. But at the end of the day, more than how well we played or how many CD's we sold our anything else, we were able to connect with people. It was a great day and we will not forget the kindness shown to us. Bless you all.

Tomorrow is our first day of total rest. How about we all in the band take some photos and post them to show you what we get up to? I imagine not much other than sleep, eat and general laziness after 48 hours of intensity. But we will sleep well tonight after a successful start to our tour.

God is good.

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