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Roadie. The word is Roadie

Posted on July 9, 2013 at 9:50 AM

For those who perhaps were searching for a new BLOG entry last night, I apologize. The truth is, the words simply never came. One cannot force any written piece of work. Neither shall I.

But here I am, back into cyberspace to let you know what we have been up to for the last 36 hours. And it is quite a bit, despite no gigs yesterday.

Maybe not that much. Yesterday was, as I predicted, vegetation day - and we were the vegetation. Late start, awesome breakfast, little bit of a walk around Pretoria (how big is this place, seriously), a little bit of getting lost on the way to lunch with our friends from The Forester. I hope we will be able to host them in Cape Town soon and intorduce them to our local friends and fans.

After that we met up with our hosts for the last night and tonight, Joss, who is also our representitive at Sheer Music, our music publishers. We had a great time of fellowship and socialising last night (great biryany Joss).

Today was a bit less chilled. Two radio interviews; one on Radio Pulpit, one on Impact Radio. I was particularly looking forward to the Impact one because I had worked for Impact Bookshops in the Cape years ago, and had visited both the radio station and the bookstore beside it before. I have to say, nostalgia is a strange thing. There's a weird feeling when you step back into a world you once lived in - a strange sense of longing, of missing an older life. Am I the only one?

Anyhow, the interviews were great, and if you did not hear any of them you can catch our Pulpit interview on Radio Pulpit on Saturday between 12PM - 2PM. We will hopefully be able to get audio files of the interviews and post them online. They are worth listening to for many reasons.

One piece of advice though: when doing a radio interview, be sure to know the difference between a roadie and a groupie. Can make all the difference. Mark.

So tonight we are at Firkin Pub, and we are all feeling amped. But you know what? You can wait until tomorrow to find out about that.

Stay safe, and thanks for all the support here in JHB and back at home. It means a lot to us!

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